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SCLL Divisions of Play

At Southern Columbia Little League, we strive to give all of the players the best youth baseball experience possible.  Our divisions of play are divided into five different age groups and follow Little League Baseball International guidelines. Even though exceptions are bound to occur, we try our very best to balance the specific needs of the player with developmental goals of all involved parties and player safety issues.  Please note that the SCLL Board of Directors has the final say in where your son/daughter should be placed.  Please refer to the Little League Age Chart to determine your child's "league age".  Our five divisions of play are as follows.

Tee Ball Division (League age 4-6 year olds): 
- Spring Season - Typically play one to two games per week (one Saturday game, occasional weekday games)
- Games typically last 45 - 60 minutes  
- Practices are optional and at the discretion of the team coach/manager
- Players use a soft baseball and hit off a tee
- Players may face coach pitch, at the discretion of the coach/manager
- Players are placed on a team / teammate requests are accepted  

Coach Pitch Division (League age 7-8 year olds):
- Spring Season: Typically play two games per week
- Games typically last 90 minutes 
- Practices an additional one to two days per week (approximately 90 minutes long) 
- Players use real baseballs; players face coach pitch, and limited player pitch
- Teammate requests may not be accepted
- Sibling requests are evaluated on a case by case basis 

Minors Division (League age 9-11 year olds):

- Spring Season: Typically play two games per week
- Games typically last 90 minutes to 2 hours 
- Practices an additional one to two days per week (approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours long)
- Players face player pitch only
- Teammate requests are not accepted 
- Sibling requests are evaluated on a case by case basis 
- Players and teams are eligible for postseason play (Local Tournaments and All Stars) 

Majors Division (League age 10-12 year olds):
- Spring Season: Typically play two games per week (one weekday game; one weekend game)
- Games typically last 2 hours 
- Practices an additional two to three days per week (approximately 2 hours long)
- Players face player pitch only 
- Players may attend a tryout and are selected onto teams by the coaching staff 
- Teammate requests are not accepted
- Sibling requests are evaluated on a case by case basis 
- Players and teams are eligible for postseason play (Local Tournaments and All Stars)


Waiver Rules

Every child must play at the Local League in which Boundary they live, unless they have an approved waiver from Little League Baseball Inc in Williamsport PA. The waiver must be submitted by SCLL President to the Little League District. The Little League District will provide feedback if the request has been approved following approval of Little League Baseball. 

Regulation II(d) Waiver

  •  The Parents / Guardian of the Player must have lived in the Local League's boundary while the Player was registered and playing (at least 1/2 season) at the Local League.  If due to a residential move or league boundary change, the Parents / Guardian no longer live in the boundary of the Local League, the Player may be Approved to continue playing at their former park with a waiver.  Siblings of Players who are Approved to play under Regulation II(d) may also qualify to play at the Local League.
    (3) Valid Proofs of Residency from the last season in which the player resided within the Local League boundary are required for this waiver request.
    FORM:  Regulation II(d) Waiver Form

Regulation IV(h) Waiver

  • This waiver is similar to a II(d) Waiver in that the Parents / Guardian must have previously lived in the Local League's boundary and be able to produce 3 Proofs of Residency of such.  The Parent / Guardian must have continued Volunteer Service to the Local League in the capacity of a Board Member or Coach in order to qualify for this waiver.
    FORM:  Regulation IV(h) Waiver Form

Regulation V(a) 12 Year Old Waiver

  • Players who are League Age 12 MUST play in the Little League Major Division.  In order for a League Age 12 Player to play down in the Minor Division, a Waiver MUST be approved by the Local League, the Parent / Guardian, and the District Administrator.
    FORM:  Regulation V(a) Waiver Form

Player Transfer Request

If none of the waivers apply, a Player Transfer request between Little Leagues can be made but is it a fairly involved process and Little League is very selective on requests approved. Requests should be based on extreme hardships or if the player does not qualify for any available programs, based on age restrictions. Example reasons Little League District has advised will NOT be approved: want to play with friends/relatives, want to play with members of another team, want a larger/more competitive league.

The steps for a Player Transfer Request are as follows:

  • Parent must write a letter explaining reasons for transfer request
  • Board and President of both leagues involved must approve transfer in writing
  • All letters are sent to Little League District Administrator for approval
  • If Little League District Administrator approves, then request is sent to Little League Eastern Region
  • Once Eastern Region verifies all documents are present the request is sent to the LL International Charter Committee

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